About Me


In the words of the great Chinese philosopher ― Lao Tzu “He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened.”

A couple weeks after the fire, right after Christmas, a couple friends took me to a used book store and attempted to help replace some of my cherished literature. As we walked through rows of books in the self-help section I suddenly felt anxiety. I told them stop. I had already read these books some even three or four times right then I needed only one. Which one they asked? I replied I don’t know. I was drawn to a blue and gold book in the religions area called the Bhagavad Gita inside I randomly opened it and the swami quoted from the Christian bible Corinthians 3:11-3:15.

I read somewhere that, “religion was for those who were afraid of going to hell and spirituality is for those who have already been there.”

I am an open minded spiritual person and a life student. As I pulled my learnings all together, I concluded; All those things I thought defined me were all from a place of ego… as I pulled my learnings all together, I concluded;

I seize the moment. I am High on Life. I have strong core values. I have zeal and will not conform to mediocrity, I wish to be the change and I am humble to be flexible. I am rich in character and abundant in creativity. I am genuine about my feelings and sincere to people. I am open minded and strive to see both sides of the equation. I see beauty all around me because what you focus on, you attract. I look myself in the mirror at the end of the day with a clear conscience and as I get ready for bed and say a heartfelt prayer of thanks for all my blessings. I am not a saint, I am Angel, and I am proudly one of a kind.

I read a quote “People were created to be loved. Things were created to be used. The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved and people are being used.”

I set out on my higher path, to be the change and leave a legacy. It is my mission to inspire and empower people after traumatic events and help them grow beyond self-limiting beliefs. It is time to Pay It Forward.

Angel Shaw With her dog
Angel Shaw With Her Horse