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PTG is the acronym for Post Traumatic Growth.  There are some people who experience a traumatic event and from it, their lives change, however the change results in a positive outcome and may even become extremely inspirational for others.
Do these people have above average coping mechanisms or simply have different wiring in their thought process? Is it environmental conditioning or maybe it’s genetic?
At 4 am the dreams were very troubling, I was dying in a gas chamber. Then I awoke. There was heavy toxic fumes, I was choking for air and forced to crawl on the floor to get to a window to get some. I felt panic starting to creep in as my lungs burned, but my training kicked in and told me to keep cool headed.  The alarms were screaming downstairs, my thoughts were, “Smoke doesn’t travel down.”
I decided to get outside. It was then I realized my house was on fire and I called 911.  As I watched the carnage, the whole time I kept say over and over, “It will be alright.”
It wasn’t just material assets being destroyed, I come to realize that I was about to lose all that I thought defined me. My sports trophies, my diplomas, my military medals, and accolades, my cherished heirlooms, my photo albu ms, the crafts and poems my children (now adults) had made in elementary school, my intensive library, all my artworks I had painted and all my unpublished manuscripts. I had no proof left that I existed or what I had achieved in my life. Then I asked myself the most profound question… WHO IS Angel Shaw?
The words of my beloved grandfather rose from my memory.
“When you are born into this world you have only one thing that you will take to the grave and that is your name. You carry the name of your ancestors and pass it through to your progeny. What you chose to do with it while you are here will be your legacy. Do it and your family proud.”
So….. Who are you?